Message from a goy in japan


This entry is from an email I received  from an Aussie guy living in Japan. I thought it was a nice insight and worth posting.


Living in Japan (since 2004) meant that when I awoke from the leftist delusion of oneness, etc. (I have lefty folks and a BA in screenwriting:), I woke up fast. Living as a minority is something all whites would benefit from.  I know you know this, but peoples really are different – brain structures are just as different as bodies and skin color. My soon-to-be-ex wife is Japanese. I can speak the language enough to see the difference in thought process and philosophy without needing translation. They are really smart people but they can’t think more than a few steps ahead and have a definite blind spot with empathy.  I’ve actually tested for this countless times with high level students – they have absolutely no idea what other people’s lives are like, how they think, etc.
It makes me think that empathy is a solely anglo-cultural concept. I think it may be related to this; other cultures have a lot of trouble with the concept of individualism, which I think is also tied to a limited ability to imagine and to innovate.  All of these are within a pattern of being able to think outside of oneself or objectively. In some ways I think Anglo thought is too much controlled in this way as we are so susceptible to guilt. I feel that this empathy-imagination-guilt-altruism complex is something specifically European and is very much tied into our idea of ‘soul’.
At first I thought this was cultural, but now I consider it predominantly structural.  An interesting fact regarding the structural difference is that when they (the Japanese) speak, the speech centre is in the left brain. English is a right brain language.  It is common to think of the brain as something malleable as it is unseen and thought is intangible, but brain structures are as fixed as any other biological difference.

2 thoughts on “Message from a goy in japan

  1. These observations about Japanese are applicable to the half-casts that call themselves Maarriii, or is it Mooory ,who live in NZ and claim to be Maori. Crossbreeding has done them no good, and they are fixated in a made up world of Maori culture. I notice that they have absolutely no empathy with/for Pakeha, but expect unreasonable empathy FROM Whites, always. They promote self governance as long as the pathologically do gooding Whities pay for all their demands.
    It seems impossible to be reasonable with them as their low IQ, low education standards, poor grasp of real politics makes them abusive and intolerant of any new ideas, and of everything that is not supportive of their tribalism.
    On NZ forums, I can usually pick out the half-breeds, because of their childish abuse of non sympathizers, and of anyone who expresses ideas beyond their level of comprehension. The level of their fantasy is outstanding. On one site a mongrel, over 60 years, claimed to be a pure breed, because she made herself believe this to be true.
    I do not have any sympathy for these darks at all. Never have. Am I a racist? No! Am I a RACIALIST? = 100% Race realist.
    No matter how low NZ education falls to try to accommodate the low IQ critters, they always fail. The sad part is that the stupid White kids who run around with these things think that only the tribalists have a culture.
    As for this stuff about feeling GUILTY; what Guilty? I’ve never felt guilty about anything concerning mongrels or anything else. This “guilty” nonsense, when did it arrive? It is very recent. Just before Pepe hopped in. ‘I suggest dump this idea @ ‘guilt’. It is just another word to try to control Whities; like ‘colonialism’ or ‘privilege’.
    Whites susceptible to guilt? WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. All true you fucking deplorable. What I love is the argument that the same deficiencies are seen in all cultures where whites have ‘dominated’, so therefore the deficiencies are the fault of whites. It’s hilarious. You are a terrible person though, and I think you should be gassed, you fucking race realist Nazi 🙂


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