Johnny, you’re white


Here is a poem sent to me by an American living in the UK.


Johnny you’re white

and that’s alright

said his mother

each time she said good night.


But Johnny was nervous

when he went to school

cause the kids said

all white guys are bully’s and cruel.


But Johnny loved learning

and learning to love

and he loved most the same

as to put none above


cause that

Johnny thought

that wouldn’t be fair

and how could he let others

know how he cared?


He spared his opinion

each time that he got

and did only  nice things

just like he’d been taught


but the kids at his school

all different than he

just called him a joke

which he found



Johnny with blue eyes

and sun golden hair

found each day

he felt

more in despair


History taught

that his kind brought the slaves

and took all the land

from the native land braves

and told all the world

as to how best behave

and led all those trusting

straight to their graves.


And ideas and pity

and guilt all in one

no wonder poor Johnny

felt he was no fun.


But Johnny knew more

from deep down inside

that there had been secrets

that history hides.

The men just like him

who had all lived before

who fought for the rights

that now make whites

more poor.


And all who explored

and implored about life

and learned that they’d turn

to great skills from their strife.


And the pain that they suffered

for dreams they endured

all with the hopes that this freedom

could soon be secured.

For the true of thought

and the pure of heart

and those who knew

we’d need a restart.

and all those willing

to fully take part

and find a way to mend

their weary warrior hearts,

stand on their ships

and study the charts.

Singing old songs

and creating new arts.

So much more

than the movies all showed.

And trusting this

helped young Johnny to grow

Up and stand tall with the men just like he

and ready to fight for truth

and their right to just be.


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