Libugees Not Welcome Down Under



By Tough Love for Fash the Nation

Since Trump won the election there has been a lot of talk about people wanting to leave America for Canada, Australia and New Zealand. According to Immigration NZ, traffic to their site has increased 2500% since the voting results were announced.

The last thing we need in New Zealand is more shit-libs to add to our existing problems. This tiny island harbours enough vibrancy and liberal race-cuckery to see us well into the future, and then some.

New Zealand is currently 30% non-white, with over 200 ethnicities competing for a piece of Kiwi pie. As these communities grow they are seeking to ‘have their voices heard’ by running for local government and lobbying for their own concerns. Part and parcel with this activity are the usual allegations against the white population of racism and prejudice, serving to erode the existing structures and thus granting the newcomers easy access. This year has seen headlines such as ‘Is Auckland Council Too White?’ and ‘Dunedin Street Names Too White’; and just the other week a Maori professor suggested that the name of the university that employs him should be changed because the Prime Minister it is named after was apparently a white supreme-ist.

New Zealand actually used to be a majority white nation, and had policies to keep it that way. Between 1901 and 1919 only 63 people from outside the British Empire immigrated to NZ (most of them were from other European countries), with the ‘Undesirable Immigrant act 1919’ having “98% British” as it’s decree. By 1970 this was all changing and laws were altered to allow the non-white hordes from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond to infest our shores.

The typical leftist justifications for multiculturalism in New Zealand are that a) whites arrived here to occupy land already owned by the natives and b) we’re a pacific island anyway, so importing vibrancy from surrounding islands is natural. These attitudes have resulted in the kind of rent seeking to be found in countries like America: if you brow beat the productive population with guilt-speech you’ll get free stuff from them.

The only Trump-like politician in New Zealand who could even begin to sort this mess out is (ironically) a part-Maori who has been in the political game for a long time, but never had a shot at being Prime Minister. Like Donald Trump, The Hon.Winston Peters has advocated for a hard-line stance on immigration from countries that ‘don’t share our values’. He has expressed concern over the way Muslim men treat women, and also over the Chinese ownership of New Zealand assets getting out of control. Mr Peters is also opposed to the modern (mis)interpretation of our founding document that has allowed Maori rent-seeking to go increasingly bananas for the past 40 years. No one calls him racist because of his darker skin tone, which surely works to his advantage.

If Mr Peters came to power he would hopefully have a similar no-nonsense attitude towards liberals, and institute some sort of vetting process for when they try to enter the country. Perhaps he could also have a deportation program that would kick out any foreign nationals already here, including those who are about to flee the Trumpen Reich. It’s these people who allow the rent-seeking to happen, and we certainly don’t need any extra influence from more seasoned American shit-libs and their bigger, bolder, shinier cuckery.

If you know anyone thinking of moving to New Zealand in an attempt to get away from Trump, please tell them it’s a bad idea, as there is a similar leader gaining in popularity, and we could soon be heading the same way as America. Even if this is not entirely true it could help to redirect the the American ‘tards to Canada or Australia instead of our tiny shores.



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